Low Temps Cause Icy Driving Conditions

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(ABC4 Utah) – Most of the snow is cleared off the roadways, but the low temperatures will likely bring slick conditions across the Wasatch Front. UDOT will have to use special road salts to deal with the low temperatures.

Experts say the lack of snow on the roadways can give a false sense of security. John Gleason of UDOT said black ice is especially dangerous on bridges and off ramps.

“It’s going to be very misleading and you’re not going to know that there is black ice out there until you hit it,’ said Gleason. “Unfortunately when you do that it’s too late often times.”

AAA notes they tend to see a lot of accidents and slide offs this time of year. Even when there is no snow on the ground. Utah AA spokesperson Rolayna Fairclough points out that speed is often one of the biggest factors in weather crash.

“So just anticipate that it’s going to be there and so when you’re driving slow down,” said Fairclough. The speed limits are for optimum conditions and right now we don’t have optimum conditions on the freeways.”

UDOT believes the conditions in these temperatures could be worse than when the snow storm actually hit. Because drivers often know to slow down when they can see snow and slush on the roadway.

With possible snow on Tuesday the slick conditions could last for several days. Experts said people should slow down even when it’s dry and leave plenty of distance.

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