Which term was most Googled in Utah in 2016?

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Google averages about 2 trillion searches each year, and chances are you made at least one of them this year.

New data this week from HighSpeedInternet.com outlined the top searched term in each state, and Utah’s love for Disney shone through. According to the site, the most-searched term in the state was “Finding Dory,” with the film’s release this summer.

The data incorporated Google Trends information cross-referenced with state-by-state data for each term to come up with the most searched term in each state.

Colorado and Idaho’s top search was also “Finding Dory.”

The top search in 11 states was the iPhone 7 and 10 states searched the Netflix show “Stranger Things” most often. In 10 other states, the top search term was a U.S. presidential candidate. Other states’ searches included Olympics, Quizzlet, Wells Fargo and Powerball, among others.

Another map released this week by Estately listed the Google search terms that each state searched more frequently than any other state. According to Estately’s data Utah searched for “Gilmore Girls” more frequently than any other state.

Google released the most searched terms worldwide earlier this month. Pokemon Go topped the list for searched terms worldwide, with iPhone 7, Donald Trump, Prince and Powerball rounding out the top five.

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