Utah electors cast unanimous vote for Trump/Pence

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(ABC4 Utah) – Usually the Electoral College vote will come and go with little to no fanfare, but this is no ordinary year.

On Monday, Utah’s six electors gathered at the Capitol to officially cast their votes for President and Vice President.

It was a unanimous vote for Donald Trump and Mike Pence to the dismay of many in the room.

The mostly, anti-Trump crowd packed into the room to make their disapproval known.

It’s part of a last ditch effort to get electors to switch their votes.

“I think it’s important that the Utah electors actually have a conversation about this man. Is he qualified? Are we concerned that there was foreign influence in our election,” said Hillary Clinton Supporter, Stacy Hughes.

She hoped Utah’s electors would settle on a compromise candidate like, Mike Pence or Mitt Romney.

TJ Smith was outnumbered, but he showed up to support Trump.

“He’s also pro safety and security in building the wall. Keeping illegal criminals out of our country is very important to me,” said Smith.

It’s the culmination of a nation wide, coordinated effort to get republican electors to break from the party.

They’ve been bombarded in the weeks leading up to the vote.

“We’ve been receiving tens of thousands of emails, hundreds of letters and a few phone calls,” said Utah Elector, Richard Snelgrove.

It wasn’t enough to sway any electors from our state.

“For me to all the sudden, in the middle of the election process to jump ship would not be, that wouldn’t have any integrity on my part,” said Utah Elector, Kris Kimball.

But, it certainly added some emotion to an event that practically goes unnoticed in most years.

“Four years ago we just had a hand full of people, plus some school kids, and even four years before that it was small. So yeah, a lot of people here today. Haven’t seen that in at least the last decade,” said Mark Thomas, State Director of Elections.

In all, 538 electors gathered in ceremonies across the country today the make the election results official.

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