Group protests Trump, Electoral College at Utah State Capitol

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A crowd protesting the Electoral College — and Donald Trump’s election — gathered at the Utah State Capitol on Monday morning, the day that 538 Electoral College members will cast their ballots.

Speakers called on the Electoral College to delay voting, but the signs held by protesters all called for Electoral College members to vote against Trump.

About 60 people attended the protest. Melinda McIlwaine, who lives in Emigration Canyon, stood on the south stairs inside the Capitol rotunda and told the crowd the country should be concerned about how Russian hacking influenced the election.

“I think [the electors] need to hear the results of the investigation,” McIlwaine told a reporter a few minutes later.

But most of the discussion at the protest raised criticism of Trump that existed before Nov. 8 — from his temperament to his refusal to provide his tax returns, to how his wife was likely once in violation of immigration rules.

Dianne Sanchez Shumway lives in New York, but is in Utah to visit her husband’s family for Christmas. She took a turn in front of the crowd to recount how her father once overstayed his visa in the 1970s. She worries her friends who are undocumented immigrants could be deported under the Trump Administration.

She wants the electors to vote against Trump.

“Delay [the vote]. Whatever it takes,” Sanchez Shumway said.

The protesters were being asked to be at the Capitol at noon when the six Utah delegates arrive, and to ask their friends to be there, too.

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