No Thanksgiving for Students, No Calls for Colin, and No Support for Biden

Some college students at Macalester College, a small college in St. Paul, Minnesota, seem to have genuine hostility to Thanksgiving, with some spouting that it’s “based off of the genocide of indigenous people,” a “bunch of capitalist bull****,” or an ‘unethical holiday.” It’s been over a week since Colin Kaepernick decided to ditch a special tryout put on by the NFL to give the former 49ers quarterback his best shot yet at getting back in the league and, unsurprisingly, none of the 32 teams have reached out to him. Kaepernick, meanwhile, is declaring that he’s still “ready” and is accusing the league of “denying” him. There now appears to be a five-justice majority on the Court to restore the non-delegation doctrine — an indispensable component of the original Constitution’s structural separation of powers. Conservatives and constitutionalists alike ought to unambiguously cheer on this development. Guess what Barack Obama had to say about Joe Biden. Don’t forget about the Edwards Notebook and the Veteran’s Tip of the Day! All of this and more as time allows.

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