Biden Has a Bad Week & Fall-Out From Mass-Shootings

Democratic presidential primary front-runner Joe Biden in the past week has shown that he lacks the temperament to be left alone in public when he forcibly grabbed a student named Katie who committed the sin of asking him how many genders there are and then followed up by asking Biden to name them when he answered the first question by saying that there are at least three. He raised questions about his mental faculties when he talked about meeting the Parkland Kids at the White House as V.P. not once but on two separate occasions. He also tried his best to alienate close to half the county by calling all Trump supporters (past and present) White Supremacists. In most campaign years, for most candidates, a week like that would have ended the campaign; but thanks to the extremely weak Democratic field that Biden is running against he not only stays in the race but he remains the front-runner. Gary S. Goldman, host of “Business, Politics, & Lifestyles” airing on WCRN 830 in Metro Boston Ma, will join me to discuss it. Trump has been on the receiving end of unrelenting attacks since a pair of gun massacres claimed 31 lives, beginning with a shooting in El Paso, Texas by a man who wrote that he was avenging a Hispanic ‘invasion’ of the United States. Tom Tancredo, former U.S. Congressman and current Advisory Board Member for We Build The Wall, will join me to talk about the fall-out from the mass-shootings.

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