Wax My Balls You Bigot; The Continuing Saga of Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv

So, how many illegals were detained in the highly publicized ICE raids? Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv has managed to get people on social media silenced for calling him out for his behavior and now wants to have a semi-nude party for girls as young as twelve years old where parents aren’t allowed and now there is more breaking news. Ilhan Omar exploded at an audience member on Tuesday who asked her to condemn female genital mutilation, saying it would be powerful if she did it. Omar’s response was that she was “disgusted” by the question and that it was a waste of time. Judicial Watch has filed an ethics complaint against Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar with the House of Representatives Office of Congressional Ethics for potential immigration, marriage, tax, and student loan fraud. Don’t forget about the Edwards Notebook and the Veteran’s Tip of the Day! All of this and more as time allows. Listen live, join the chatroom, be a part of the show.

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