If You Desire A Limited & Constitutional Government, You MUST Care About Foreign Policy

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By Chris Rossini

The U.S. military-industrial-complex seems to run on autopilot at this point, doesn’t it? No matter who the president is, the same policy is followed to the letter. No deviations whatsoever.

The U.S. has around 1,000 military bases peppered all over the Earth, it intervenes in more nations than Congress is even aware of, and all of it is just accepted as a fact of life.

No media attention. No antiwar movements. No political pressures. No questions asked.

President Trump even brags about how he, more than any other president, has injected more taxpayer funds into the TRILLION-dollar-per-year gravy train. A bigger Socialist program has never existed before.

To the average American, it’s all out-of-sight and out-of-mind. The starvations … the bombings … the horrors … They all happen ‘out there’ somewhere.

Long ago, Randolph Bourne left us with a quote that is worth its weight in gold. He said: “War is the health of the state.”

If you’re lucky enough to know a thing-or-two about America’s Founders (of the Declaration of Independence kind) you know that their foundation for the country was for it to be a “land of the free.”

Freedom from the state was the highest virtue.

In order to have freedom from the state, you must make sure that you keep the state away the one thing that it desires most  —> War.

Let the state have this one thing, and you can kiss your freedom goodbye.

Early American leaders did not mince their words. They left it in writing. They repeated themselves. They cared about posterity.

George Washington stated when he left office: “It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world.”

Thomas Jefferson echoed Washington in saying that the land of the free would continue to have a policy of “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations – entangling alliances with none.”

John Quincy Adams would say that America: “goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy.” He said that if it did so, it would become a “dictatress of the world.”

Today, peace is the enemy and those who champion peace are marginalized. Commerce is now a “trade war,” and honest friendships revolve strictly on whether or not a foreign country obeys the American government, or not.

If foreign countries obey, they are rewarded with U.S. taxpayer money and emoluments. If they disobey, they are greeted with American fighter jets, regime changes, and worse.

Today, Americans themselves are greeted with a never-ending carousel of monsters to be destroyed. One day it’s Saddam, the next it’s Gadaffi, the next it’s Assad or the Ayatollah.

But one thing is for sure…it’s always someone.

If you’re a person who values freedom, who wants to see free markets thrive in America someday, and who wants to live under a limited and constitutional government, you MUST care about foreign policy.

It cannot be out-of-sight and out-of-mind.

Freedom thrives in an environment of peace. That’s the prerequisite.

The state thrives in an environment of war.

It’s one or the other. Both cannot be policy at the same time.

Earlier generations of Americans lived in freedom and peace, and they shook the world with the greatest production of wealth ever created. But it wasn’t just the wealth that is notable. It was the value for life itself.

The idea of “just bombing” those people never crossed their minds. What happened outside of America was not the business of Americans. How could it be?

Starting around 1898, a new philosophy of endless war was taken up, and today we find Americans living under 24 hour surveillance, working multiple jobs, and saddled with more debt than any people in history.

The idea of “just bombing” those people rolls off the tongue like nothing. The value for the life of someone that lives outside of the U.S. dropped like a stone. It has became nothing but a statistic.

While you’re (obviously) expected to ignore the ‘statistics’ and think of it as ‘out there’ somewhere, it has a tremendous effect on your standard of living.

But where do you turn? You obviously can’t learn about foreign policy in government schools or government-dominated mainstream media.

Where can you turn?

The Ron Paul Liberty Report!

Every single weekday.


If you don’t have time for watching the videos, listen to the shows on iTunes, Stitcher and Soundcloud.

Foreign policy matters.

Peace matters.

Life literally depends on it.

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