Security blankets: The many survival uses of fleece blankets

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Fleece blankets are cheap, and they can keep you warm on a cold night. But did you know that they’re also a versatile survival item to have in your stockpile? (h/t to

Fleece blankets: Affordable and useful survival items

A standard fleece blanket only costs about $2.50 to $5, which highlights one of the many benefits of prepping: Even small and cheap items can have many uses if you’re creative enough. Fleece blankets hold a lot of water when washed, but when you wring them out, they dry very fast. If you live in a small apartment, fleece blankets won’t take up too much space because they compress in small bundles.

They can be used as cheap bedding and a source of warmth during cold times.

When SHTF and you want to conserve your fuel, give everyone in the family extra fleece blankets or clothing as needed. If you want thicker blankets, sew a couple of fleece blankets together.

They can insulate clothing.

Brush up on your sewing skills if you want to insulate clothing with fleece blankets. Use your creativity to refurbish a worn out coat with some blankets. You can also modify other pieces of clothing by making fleece hats, socks, or boot liners for your family.

They can insulate curtains or window coverings.

Keep your house warm by insulating curtains and window coverings with fleece blankets. You can also keep your home private after SHTF by blocking windows and doors with thick blankets.

They can be turned into DIY pet beds.

Ready-made pet beds can be expensive. You can make DIY beds for your cat or dog by folding a fleece blanket or two. Fleece blankets are soft and comfy, and they’re easy to clean and dry.

Alternatively, you can buy a very cheap pet bed, or make one with extra building materials, then throw some fleece blankets on it.

If you keep livestock, give your animals a couple of fleece blankets during cold weather. Even livestock will need more bedding beyond straw or wood chips. Store some blankets in your barn or outbuildings, and use these specifically for animal bedding.

They can be used as emergency bedding.

If you plan on letting your family or friends wait out a long-term emergency in your home, you can use fleece blankets as bedding or makeshift pillows for your guests. (Related: Prepping your home with essential survival supplies.)

They can be used as bartering items.

If you have extra space in your storage, keep some fleece blankets for bartering. Everyone needs to stay warm, so you’ll probably have some takers when you need to trade for other supplies.

Where to buy cheap fleece blankets

You can find cheap fleece blankets in local grocery stores or at gas stations and convenience stores. Alternatively, you can buy packs of blankets from online retailers.

Fleece blankets are available in different sizes and at varying prices. Check a blanket’s thickness and weight before you buy them online. Some stores sell different types of fleece that are sold by the yard. If you want thicker fleece blankets, try to find stores like this near your area.

If you live near fabric and craft stores, you can also purchase cheaper fleece scraps that are perfect for the DIY projects mentioned above. Consider making a brightly colored patchwork fleece quilt for your kids to cheer them up when SHTF.

Consider stocking up on fleece blankets made with different materials and in different thickness so you have blankets for different times of the year.

When SHTF, try making DIY fleece clothing for the whole family or insulate your home using fleece blankets.

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