Hydrologist says this year’s snow pack should help Utah water allocation

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You may be fed up with snow this year, but Utah really needed it. We sat down Friday with Paul Brooks, a hydrologist at the University of Utah.

He told us, looking back at the last decade, 7 of the 10 years showed below average snowfall. With that comes many implications in terms of things like crops and keeping our reservoirs full.

Brooks added that the infrastructure we have and our means of allocating water dates back 50 years, when they would have expected to see an even number of years in a decade when snowfall is above or below average.

This year, having already seen a lot of snow – and with more storms on the way – the snow pack should be pretty good. Brooks said the benefits of all that water will not just be felt this year, but probably next year, too.

However, while that helps put a dent in the droughts, dry spells will be back soon enough and we’re told those can hurt us for a much longer period of time than the snow can help.

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