Another Utah city commits to 100% renewables

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Cottonwood Heights, Utah committed to transition to 100% clean, renewable energy. It joins three other cities in Utah — Salt Lake City, Moab, and Park City — and Summit County in establishing this goal.

The city council voted unanimously to pass a resolution adopting a goal of achieving 100% clean, renewable electricity for city operations by 2022 and community-wide by 2032.

“Here in Utah, our utility, Rocky Mountain Power, just admitted that nearly 60% of its coal fleet is uneconomic,” said Will McCarvill, Chair of the Sierra Club’s Utah Chapter. As a resident of Cottonwood Heights, I know the families and businesses of our city are making the smart, forward-thinking decision to commit to 100% clean renewable energy, and we’ll create good-paying local jobs, keep electricity bills low, and protect our air and water from toxic pollution in the process.”

“Clean energy already employs more Utahns than coal and gas combined, while reducing toxic air pollution. Local leadership that invests in clean energy solutions is a win-win for Utah. The families and businesses in Cottonwood Heights are committed to leading the way to a cleaner, brighter future, and they know now is the time to make it happen,” added Beebe, organizing representative with the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign.

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