What You Need to Climb in Utah

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With breathtaking geographical formations, some of the most interesting landscapes in the country and great climbing, Utah was made for outdoor enthusiasts! It’s full of amazing climbing for beginners, intermediate and advanced climbers that want to try out their skills and achieve a new physical plateau and sense of accomplishment.

This article is for anyone who has thought about climbing in Utah but not really known where to start!

Best Climbing In Utah

There are 12,487 possible climbs in Utah. There are climbs for all levels, with the vast majority of options being traditional climbs. There are a few that are ice climbs, which require a certain set of skills and equipment. Do not attempt to go ice climbing if you are not familiar with that particular sport. It can be very dangerous for those who are not prepared.

The best climbing season in Utah is during the spring and summer months. Winters in this part of the world can be particularly cold and can make climbing very challenging. If you’re interested in climbing, try to schedule your trip between March and September. If you’re climbing during the summer months make sure to bring a lot of sunscreen, as higher elevation can make the sun more potent.

How To Climb Safely

Rock climbing and bouldering are great sports that test your endurance, physical skills and ability to adapt quickly. They can also be dangerous for those who are not prepared, or physically able to climb. There are a few things to keep in mind before you begin your climb.

Be Realistic About Your Physical Limitations

Just because you want to climb a mountain doesn’t mean that you are necessarily physically fit enough to do so. Before you try to tackle the biggest boulder in Utah, make sure that you work your way up.

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