Governor Matt Bevin DESTROYS Gun Control!

Wow! Governor Matt Bevin took a gun control question from the audience and then laid the SMACK DOWN with one of the best answers I have ever heard!

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  1. I agree with Governor Bevin. We have allowed the liberal media to frame the debate by allowing them to ask the questions. The question should not be, “How do we get guns out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them?” The question should be, “What has American done to create such hatred, anger and disrespect for life among our very young?” When I was in school there were no school guards, no bus monitors, no lock downs, no metal detectors and no searching of a child’s backpack. Why? There was no need for them. None of my classmates every killed another school child and as far as I know, never killed anyone outside of school. So what has changed – and again Governor Bevin has it right – we as a nation have removed all moral teaching and moral authority from the public arena and in its place substituted a secular relativism. We now are a nation where everyone is his or her own authority and interprets the law to their own liking.
    As a nation we can pass all the gun laws anyone wants to propose, even up to banning them completely. The killing will continue until we once again begin teaching Christian moral values to our children.

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