Where do Utah residents go on Thanksgiving? Here’s a clue

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Families don’t just hang around their homes on Thanksgiving.

Google Trends recently revealed that people often request directions to various places on Thanksgiving Day. The data comes from Google Maps.

Nationwide, the most popular places to visit differ by day.

Wednesday: The most popular place to visit was the outlet mall, followed by “trailhead,” “roller coaster,” “scenic overlook” and “video game store.”

Thursday: “Tree farm” topped the list on Thanksgiving, followed by “outlet mall,” “electronics store,” “ATV rental service” and “video game store.”

Friday: People searched for “scenic overlook,” followed by “place of worship,” “tree farm,” “football field” and “rest stop.”

Saturday: “Outlet mall” topped the list again, followed by “tree farm,” “scenic overlook,” “electronics store” and “video game store.”

But Google Trends broke down the searches by state.

“Although outlet malls may be the most uniquely popular location nationally, each state has their own holiday rushes,” the report said.

Here’s a look at Utah’s results:

Wednesday: “Home goods store” topped the list, followed by “tourist attraction,” “lodge,” “motel” and “cosmetics store.”

Thursday: “Religious organization” led the way, followed by “lodge,” “motel,” “tourist attraction” and “scenic spot.”

Friday: “Religious organization” topped the list again, followed by “tourist attraction,” “bar,” “golf course” and “scenic spot.”

Saturday: Once again, “religious organization” topped the list, followed by “tourist attraction,” “lodge,” “motel” and “scenic spot.”

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