The Kingdom Of Nye returns to the air October 1st

The Kingdom Of Nye with Heather Wade returns to the air October 1st!

Be sure to tune in LIVE on KYAH Monday – Friday 10pm-2am mountain time.

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When you become a RIDER OF NYE, you, the listeners, support the show for only $4.99 per month. You keep The Kingdom of Nye with Heather Wade on the air, get access to our archive of shows for a month, and can send Heather Wade your comments and questions through The Looking Glass during the live show that she just might read on the air.

Now all the bumper music will be included in the archived shows! Also expect exclusive interviews with the finest guests throughout the Paranormal field that will be available only to RIDER OF NYE.

Wanna take a ride? Subscribe today and don’t miss a thing on Kingdom of Nye with Heather Wade! The finest in late night talk.
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