Principle vs. Personality

Todd Macfarlane is running for Millard County Commission, Seat A.

Todd is a rancher, writer, attorney, businessman and family man.  He and his family own and operate the Turkey Track Ranch near Kanosh.

Todd  has extensive experience in agriculture, natural resources, land-use, property rights, and public land issues.  He also has significant experience in real estate development, land-use planning, and economic development.  He is an advocate for fundamental freedom, rights and principles, including fundamental property rights.  He believes in self-governance and personal responsibility.

Based on his unique experience, observations and resulting perspective, Todd believes there are serious accountability issues in Millard County Government at a fundamental level — relating to transparency, even-handedness, due process, property rights, and fiscal responsibility — that no one else seems to be willing to address or do anything about.

Todd believes that too much Millard County policy is driven by personality-based factors and considerations rather than sound principle.  Todd has a track record for standing-up, speaking out, and challenging popular conventional narratives.  Beyond addressing fundamental issues, Todd also has knowledge, experience and vision that can make a significant difference in the Millard County economy.

Todd’s position is, if you’re satisfied with representation based on personality, FLIP A COIN.  But if you would prefer to have representation based on principle, VOTE FOR PRINCIPLE.

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