New KYAH 540 AM Advertisers

KYAH 540 AM tries to find the best companies available to advertise with us for our listeners! Please check them out and support KYAH 540 AM! Let them know you heard them on KYAH 540 AM, thank you for listening!

American Survival Wholesale
American Survival Wholesale is a Veteran Owned and Operated Company serving the Preparedness Industry since 2012. They offer Distributorships throughout the Country, as well have over 8000 products available to Both Preppers and the Outdoorsman Enthusiast. From Long Term Storable Food to Personal Self Defense Weapons, and Water Filtration, “if they don’t have it you don’t need it” Check them out today at or call one of their knowledgeable staff today at (818) 720-0759

Helps Maintain Cardiovascular Health and Reduce Blood Lipid levels (Cholesterol) In Adults.

Gas Dehorners 4 You
All gas powered dehorners shown on this site are offered to encourage animal comfort, safety and protection. We are slowly expanding our dehorner product line. We offer only gas powered livestock dehorners because of their portability and ease of use in the field where most cattle and goat dehorning is done.

Good Seed Nutrition
Providing you the nutrients you need daily!

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