Throwing snowballs in this Utah city is illegal

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Throwing snowballs and having a snowball fight during the winter is a longstanding tradition, but in Provo, Utah it could lead to a misdemeanor charge.

According to the city’s Miscellaneous Criminal Provisions Chapter 9.14.100, throwing a snowball or “other missile” at a person or their property in order to injure, destroy, frighten or annoy is a misdemeanor.

The ordinance has been around for as long as anybody can remember, according to AccuWeather.

So beware when throwing a freshly packed snowball, especially in Provo.

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  • Tom Cool says:

    WwaaAAAAHHHHHHH! Sally threw a snowball at me and hit me in the foot. Arrest her officer. I was just peacefully sucking my thumb and polishing my Bernie Sanders sign. Waaaaaaaa !

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