Malnourished 12-year-old Utah boy found locked in bathroom after an estimated 2 years

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A Toquerville, Utah, woman has been arrested for aggravated child abuse after her 12-year-old son was found locked up in a bathroom and neglected for an estimated two years.

The mother was identified as 36-year-old Brandy Jaynes.

The boy was found Sunday, Jan. 8, by his father, extremely malnourished. The boy was quickly taken to the hospital and after physicians looked at him Sunday night they found he weighs only 30 pounds.

Washington County investigators were called to Dixie Regional Medical Center to investigate the allegations of child abuse.

After getting details, detectives applied for a search warrant of the home and found a scene they describe as something out of a horror film.

“It would be my definition of a torture room.” Lt. David Crouse, with Washington County Sheriff’s Office said.

Two other children were also found living in the home with Jaynes, but they were healthy, according to Crouse.

The Associated Press reported that, according to Crouse, the two other children in the home said they had not spoken to their brother, even through the door, in six months. Police didn’t say how old the other children were, but did say one was old enough to understand things.

Detectives said the boy was likely kept in the dark because the light switches were covered and wrapped heavily with duct taped to prevent the light switch from being turned on.

“All the light switches were tapped into the off position.” Crouse said. “A baby monitor was setup so voices could come in but not out. So they could give instructions to the child that was in the room.”

“There was fecal matter and urine on the floor, there was open cans of food, like can of beans with a spoon in it; there was also a video camera that was capable of wifi monitoring,” Crouse said.

To hear more details of the case and from neighbors watch the news story above.

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