New Homeless Resource Centers will be designed to deter crime

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(ABC4 Utah) – The Salt Lake City Police Department is going to have some say in how Salt Lake City’s four new homeless resource centers will be designed. A team of officers are getting CPTED certified. CPTED stands for Criminal Prevention Through Environmental Design.

Detective Josh Ashdown said, “We look at it as far as lighting designs, the way the property is laid out, the way the foliage is laid out, the windows; the way everything is laid out in a way that makes it less enticing to have criminal activity occur there.’

The idea is you can design and maintain a building in such a way that criminals won’t want to do business there. “If you’re walking by and you’re going to commit a crime and there’s a building and it’s full of windows, you don’t know who’s watching you so you’re not going to be less likely to commit a crime when you think you’re being watched,” explained Det. Ashdown.

The city says these officers and their CPTED expertise are going to be key to ensuring safety in and around the new homeless resource centers.

Mayor Jackie Biskupski’s Deputy Chief of Staff David Litvack explained, “It was very clear that public safety was the top priority, the top priority, and these principles around crime prevention through environmental design are ways that we can take that idea of public safety and implement it and make sure that we’re building facilities with safety and security at the forefront.”

With where these new resource centers will be built and how they’ll be designed, the city and the department say the criminal element will have no place to hide.

The public will also have a chance to weigh in on design.

The city has scheduled three public meetings on the homeless resource centers this month:

-Wednesday, January 11th 1-3 pm at the Salt Lake Community College South Campus Multipurpose Room, 1575 South State Street
-Wednesday, January 11th 6-8 pm at the Salt Lake Community College South Campus Atrium, 1575 South State Street
-Wednesday, January 18th 7-9 pm at the Nibley Park Elementary School Auditorium, 2785 South, 800 East

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