New Advertisers on KYAH 540 AM

KYAH 540 AM tries to find the best companies available to advertise with us for our listeners! Please check them out and support KYAH 540 AM! Let them know you heard them on KYAH 540 AM, thank you for listening!

Swiss America
For over three decades Swiss America has provided Americans with tangible financial alternatives and a portfolio diversification formula proven to protect wealth. Our trained professionals will help you build a precious metals portfolio. Purchase gold coins and bullion, call 602-788-4653 to talk to an adviser today!

The Power Mall
The Power Hour goes to great lengths to provide the best products available for our listening audience.

Helps maintain cardiovascular health and reduce blood lipid levels (cholesterol) in adults.

Ready Supply Foods
Ready Supply Foods is dedicated to providing the best storage food solution for the best value. Free shipping and lowest cost per 2000 calories on emergency freeze dried food storage. 25 Year Shelf Life. Compare & Save.

Thunder Mountain Minerals
All-natural horse supplement contains 69 essential minerals, over 50% more than other chemical supplements. Gives your horse everything it needs, without any bad side-effects. Horses love it!

Escape Harassment
To learn how to not accept, (how to Escape Tickets, IRS & Court) to escape the ENEMY’S “Due Process” PRE-REQUIREMENTS, BEFORE you go in to court.

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