Utah’s average student loan debt is the lowest in the nation

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SALT LAKE CITY — Utah has the lowest average student debt in the country for the class of 2015, according to an annual report from the Project on Student Debt.

In addition, the report found 41 percent of Utah college students take out student loans, which is also the lowest in the country.

The average amount of student debt in the Beehive State has decreased the last few years, from $22,418 in 2013 to $18,873 today.

The report found high-debt states remain concentrated in the Northeast and Midwest, and low-debt states are mainly in the West.

Seven in 10 seniors who graduated from public and nonprofit colleges in 2015 had student loan debt, with an average of $30,100 per borrower. That is a 4 percent increase from the average debt of 2014 graduates nationwide.

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