Today’s the last day to vote early. Here’s how to do it

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Friday marks the final day that Utahns can cast their early vote ballot in person.

Most counties allow voters to cast a ballot in person. Voters can fill in their address on Google to see the early voting places near them.

They can also find more detailed information about these locations at

Utahns can still vote by mail as long as ballots are returned no later than Nov. 7, according to

Anne Holton, the wife of Democratic vice presidential pick Tim Kaine, hosted an “Early Vote Event” in Salt Lake City today as a way to encourage voters to head to the early vote locations and cast their ballot.

So what does early voting look like in Utah so far? A Monmouth University poll, which showed Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton and Evan McMullin in the Beehive State, found that Clinton is ahead of Trump so far with early voters, 43 percent to 33 percent. McMullin lags behind with 16 percent of the early vote.

For those who have yet to vote, 39 percent say they’ll cast their ballot for Trump, while 29 percent say they will for McMullin and 24 percent for Clinton, according to the poll.

As The David Pakman Show reported, Utah’s early voting numbers are 33 percent higher than initially expected. This comes at a time when voters in the reliably red state are uneasy with Trump.

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